Learning Technologies and Teacher Education (LATTE) is a research group at Middle East Technical University dedicated to exploring contemporary approaches to learning and teaching with a focus on learning technologies and teacher education. With Dr. Baran’s leadership, LATTE members investigate emerging problems in 21st century learning and teaching environments using contemporary research methods and solutions. 


Investigating learning and teaching in a complex society

Latte’s research projects investigate learning and teaching across diverse educational contexts, including formal settings such as classrooms and informal settings such as after-school programs, families, and communities. With an interdisciplinary focus, research brings together members’ expertise in cognitive science, educational technologies, computer science, teacher education, and curriculum studies.

Exploring new methodologies, pedagogies and technologies

Latte’s research also embraces new research methodologies and new ways of thinking about learning and emerging pedagogies with technologies. Given the recent interest in improving learning both in formal and informal contexts, we aim to develop research informed practices that help people learn and teach more deeply and efficiently.


For more information about our research, please contact the faculty leader, Dr. Evrim Baran (ebaran@metu.edu.tr)

Dr. Evrim Baran
Department of Educational Sciences
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey